An industrial research centre with oat in focus

Who we are

Passionate about oat, we are working together, for more knowledge and products

What we do

In six work packages, from genome to healthy, sustainable products and tests in a wet milling pilot plant, scientists and companies work together to get knowledge and new, innovative products

news and happenings

ScanOats invites you to Siri Norlander´s public defense of her PhD thesis

Harvesting the Health Potentials of Oat Fibre: Xylanase bioprocessing of Arabinoxylan

10th of November 09.00 in KC:B, Kemicentrum, Lund

“Our goal is to develop food industry using oat as the fundamental ingredient”

– CEO, Leif Bülow

Our ambition with ScanOats is to take a world-leading role in the development of unique products and applications based on oat. The centre will form a link between advanced basic research and industrial applications. This dual approach will benefit Swedish industry, society and agriculture in terms of new knowledge, new products, improved health, a more sustainable environment, increased exports and new jobs. Through the unifying force that ScanOats will provide, we expect that a variety of products and innovations will be delivered partly through members’ activities and partly by ScanOats directly.

Our goals
  • ​Develop new oat varieties
  • Develop new ingredients
  • Promote cultivation of oats
  • Increase the number of application areas
  • Double the exports of oat based products
  • Educate 8-12 experts, start 1-2 companies and create >100 new jobs​
Who we are

Lund University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) together with Lantmännen and Oatly AB working in a strong collaboration with each other.


ScanOats is managed by a Centre Board represented by Lantmännen and Oatly. Both companies with a long tradition and experience of working with oat and oat products. The day-to-day management is handled by a Centre director.

New PhD thesis from ScanOats

Alfia Khairullina defended 29th of September her PhD thesis Controlling Fusarium head blight in oat.

Read the popular science summary…

ScanOats gets its first PhD

Nikos Tsardakas Renhuldt defended 1st of September his PhD thesis Annotating and making use of the Avena sativa cv. Sang reference genome. Read the popular science summary…

Havrens hela genuppsättning publicerat i tidskriften Nature

Nu har forskare på ScanOats och CropTailor i Lund kartlagt och karakteriserat havrens hela genuppsättning

2nd Food Oats Conference, hosted by ScanOats, 19-21 June, Lund

2nd Food Oats Conference, hosted by ScanOats, 19-21 June, Lund

ScanOats hosted the 2nd Food Oats Conference which took place 19-21 of June in Lund, Sweden. The Food Oats Conference was initiated by VVT, Finland, in 2021 and was held remotely due to the restrictions during the pandemic. In total, 110 participants from academic and industry registered for the 2nd Food Oats conference. Most of the participants were based in the Nordic countries, but also people from Germany, UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Latvia, and US travelled to Lund to experience the event.

Meet ScanOats work packages leaders

Meet ScanOats work packages leaders

Meet ScanOats work packages leaders Sofia Marmon, Alfredo Zambrano, Johanna Wetterlind (not pictured), Cecilia Tullberg, Lieselotte Cloetens and Martin Hedström…

ScanOats R&D

1] The oat genome

2] New oat varieties

3] Sustainable oat cultivation

4] Oat processing

Oat diets

5] Oat diet for disease prevention

Oat diets

6] The Pilot plant