An industrial research centre with oat in focus

Who we are

Passionate about oat, we are working together, for more knowledge and products

What we do

In five work package, from genome to healthy, sustainable products, scientists and companies work together to get knowledge and new, innovative products

news and happenings

Coming soon, webinar on Gluten – a medical, analytical and production perspective

“Our goal is to develop food industry using oat as the fundamental ingredient”

– CEO, Leif Bülow

Our ambition with ScanOats is to take a world-leading role in the development of unique products and applications based on oat. The centre will form a link between advanced basic research and industrial applications. This dual approach will benefit Swedish industry, society and agriculture in terms of new knowledge, new products, improved health, a more sustainable environment, increased exports and new jobs. Through the unifying force that ScanOats will provide, we expect that a variety of products and innovations will be delivered partly through members’ activities and partly by ScanOats directly.

Our goals
  • Sustainable agriculture and food consumption
  • Health-promoting food
  • New technologies and techniques
  • Increase export and sales
Who we are

We are three academic and three industrial partners, working in a strong collaboration with each other, passionate and dedicated about oat.


ScanOats is managed by a Centre Board represented by three companies. All of them with a long tradition and experience of working with oat and oat products. The day-to-day management is handled by a Centre director.

Lantmännens forskningsstiftelse

Lantmännens forskningsstiftelse

Is now open for applications. The foundation focuses mainly on research in agriculture, bioenergy and food, with a focus on practically useful results and innovations. The projects usually last between one and three years. The application period runs between...

Field walk on the oat field

In the beginning of June we arranged a guided Field walk at Lönnstorp gård, an SLU research site outside Lund. It was a possibility for scientists and companies working in ScanOats to see the ongoing field experiment for selected, new oat varieties. The interest was...

CropTailor cracks the genetic code of oat

The Swedish biotech company CropTailor has, as the world first, mapped the entire oat genome. This breakthrough research will contribute to more healthy and sustainable oat varieties. Lantmännen, with world-class oat R&D, is majority owner of CropTailor. Together...

The best of oat times are right now

"Havrens bästa tid är nu!" The best of oat times are right now! Listen to Olof Olsson, ScanOats WP2 leader, and Alf Ceplitis, oat breeder at Lantmännen, talk about oat in Mistra Biotechs podcast Shaping our food (in Swedish).

ScanOats R&D

1] The oat genome

2] New oat varieties

3] Sustainable oat cultivation

4] Oat processing

Oat diets

5] Oat diet for disease prevention

There are no upcoming events at this time.