ScanOats R&D

The different actors will contribute to ScanOats in various ways. Partners from the academies provide an international, interdisciplinary network of knowledge and resources such as plant breeding techniques, advanced cultivation trials, analytical instruments, pilot plants for small scale food production, and facilities for clinical trials.

Five academic institutions are involved in the centre: Department of Chemistry, Lund University, Food for Health Science Centre, Lund University, Department of Plant Breeding, Swedish Agricultural University (SLU-Alnarp), Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC), Umeå University and Swedish Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Engineering (JTI), Skara. 

Why We Are Unique

Oat is a strategic crop for both Swedish agriculture and food industry. It has a great nutritional value and serves as an excellent raw material in a world where the demands for plant-based food and functional food products are rapidly increasing. ScanOats coordinate industrial needs with academic research in molecular plant breeding, plant physiology, crop management/production, nutrition and food science. ScanOats is unique in its concept to link plant breeding and cultivation with targeted health effects.

ScanOats R&D

1] The oat genome

2] New oat varieties

3] Sustainable oat cultivation

4] Oat processing

Oat diets

5] Oat diet for disease prevention

Oat diets

6] The Pilot plant