The ScanOats partner Swedish Oat Fiber has been acquired by Naturex, a global leader in specialty plant-based natural ingredients.

Swedish Oat Fiber’s head office and manufacturing site are located on the west coast of Sweden in one of the most favorable oat growing regions. Science and innovation have always been key drivers of Swedish Oat Fiber’s development; many published clinical studies on oat dietary fibers have resulted in a number of health claims, such as lowering cholesterol levels, approved by various regulatory authorities throughout the world.

Peo Crona, Chief Executive Officer of Swedish Oat Fiber commented this announcement: “We are very pleased to join Naturex Group who share the same passion for our business and common values of entrepreneurship, creativity and integrity. We are convinced that Naturex will know how to provide a new strategic impetus to Swedish Oat Fiber and support its development and future projects through its international commercial network R&D support and the expertise of its network of application laboratories.

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