The Swedish journal Cerealier (no. 02/2020, page 16-17) interviewed Emma Nordell, board member of ScanOats, Lieselotte Cloetens, researcher at ScanOats and Inger Ahldén, research coordinator at ScanOats about what has happened and what is going on within the industrial research program ScanOats, read more… (link to News).

Photo Christian Andersson and text Jenny Ryltenius

With a funding of 75 million SEK from the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, SSF, the industrial research program ScanOats is the largest investment made in an individual crop in Sweden.  

The program has almost been running for half the time and an evaluation of the investment is underway. Today, about thirty researchers work on the projects. Several articles are in the process of being published. Lieselotte Cloetens describes how positive it is with the unique cross-border collaboration. “As a researcher, you usually look at your own narrow area. Now I meet the other research groups, which is incredibly interesting. I am convinced that it benefits oat research to gain insight into the entire value chain, from which soil oats grow best, to what I do – effects on human health.”