The reduction of animal ingredients in food is becoming increasingly important. This query has become food for innovative thought and the driver behind creating a product that would satisfy the more demanding consumers. To bridge the gap between the taste preferences and the health of both consumers and the planet a team of seven passionate future food engineers from LTH, Lund University under the supervision of Federico Gómez proposes a happy medium the Beta Beef patty. It is a blend of meat and plant-based ingredients without compromising on taste, texture and appearance.

Besides beef, Beta Beef patties contain mainly oat-derived ingredients, carrots and onions. The inspiration for the product name comes from the beta-glucan. The quantity of added beta-glucan in the patty is sufficient to meet the health claim associated with the consumption of this cholesterol-lowering dietary fibre [Oat beta-glucan has been shown to lower/reduce blood cholesterol. High cholesterol is a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease.“ (European Commission, 2018)]. Despite the oat ingredients, Beta Beefpatties do not have a typical oat taste but come with a delicious beef flavour. The product is a nutritionally superior with the same protein content as regular patties and have a higher fibre content making it an easy and attractive switch. Oats are known for their positive health benefits affecting blood sugar and cholesterol levels while they enhance the typically desired high level of juiciness in a beef patty. The patties retain the properties of a conventional product and are designed to be sold frozen, and thus their use in meals remains the same.

Beta Beef patties expand consumer choices and allow them to have a real impact on their terms. This solution is believed to be appreciated by the toughest of critics who know perfectly well what meat tastes like and equally popular amongst flexitarians, reducetarians, and omnivores.

Now that our idea for a product came into fruition, we are excited for its future and what is to come!


Lund University
LTH, Faculty of Engineering
Department of Food Technology, Engineering and Nutrition
Programme director, Supervisor: Federico Gómez
Beta BeefTeam: Alva Rodhe, Carolin Bischoff, Diana Ewa Tokarska, Fiona Ernesta, My Tomasson, Shenghongyi Zhu, Zhuohuan Li

European Commission. (2018). EU Register of nutrition and health claims made on foods (v.3.5). Retrieved 2021 February 11from .